DAPlease note: all classes last for one hour unless otherwise specified.

Pilates Mat classes focus mainly on developing your strength whilst working in the correct alignment of the body. Correct body positioning in the initial set up of the class will lead to a greater likelyhood of the exercises being performed correctly and will maximise benefits for each client.

These classes will also include props e.g. therabands, magic circles and foam rollers to increase your core stability and strength.

This is a slower paced class style and suitable for all levels/ages.

1 hour class – maximum of 10 clients. Bookings essential

Pilates Reformer classes use bed-like machines that use springs as resistance. The resistance is adjustable to suit the client. This is a complete body workout, a fast moving class that ensures correct alignment and posture is still maintained. Correct body positioning, in initial set up of the class, will lead to a greater likelyhood of the exercises being performed correctly and will maximise benefits for each client.

1 hour class – maximum 7 clients.

Private tuition available

Bookings essential

Please call for specific class times for dancer

Mens Classes Pilates Pointe
A Pilates Mat class designed for men. Pilates is a great way to complement other forms of training i.e. Running, Swimming, Cycling. The sessions will increase flexibility, mobility, core strength and body awareness.

Pilates Pointe Power Pilates
A reformer cardio workout, faster paced, high intensity, strength and body toning class. This class may include jump board.
Pre-requisites: injury free and have done at least 10 x reformer sessions.

Barre Pilates Pointe
An hour long class consists of a low impact, dynamic warm up, upper body work followed by 30 minutes at the barre with cardio blasts to keep the heart rate elevated. The use of therabands, small weights and balls to add to the intensity.

The class concludes with Pilates inspired abdominal and back work, followed by stretch. 

A full body workout, including coordination and balance. 

All this to upbeat music, have fun and you may even sweat!


As of 1st January 2020

Casual $24 – NDA Casual $29 – NDA
5 classes $100 – 3 months exp 5 classes $135 – 3 months exp
10 classes $180 – 6 months exp 10 classes $245 – 6 months exp
20 classes $340 – 9 months exp – NDA 20 classes $440 – 9 months exp – NDA
Under 18’s (see Tamara) Under 18’s (see Tamara)

UNLIMITED will be put on hold during studio closures/personal reasons
Unlimited mat, barre, stretch and reformer classes
1 month UNLIMITED $230 – NDA No Autopay available (calendar months + no holds)
3 months UNLIMITED $610 –NDA Autopay available (calendar months)
6 months UNLIMITED $1200 –NDA Autopay available (calendar months)
1 week notice required to put on hold. Minimum hold 5 days.

AUTOPAY weekly payments
Unlimited mat, barre, stretch classes per week
Max 7 reformer/power/circuit classes per week (in total)
$58/week NDA
2 weeks notice required to terminate or suspend. Minimum hold 5 days.

Available upon request

NOTE: NDA – no discount available.


CANCELLATION Policy and New Expiry Dates

Pilates Pointe has a 6 hour cancellation policy

  • This will allow the clients we have on our waitlists to come in, with enough notice, to be notified by email or text
  • You will be charged the full cost of your class if you do not cancel within this timeframe.
  • Unlimited clients – 3 x late cancels = -1 day from your month/months
  • Cancellations can be made online (preferable) or by texting 0405826272
  • NO REFUNDS will be given on unused classes
  • Unused classes can be transferred to another person




  • Payments can be made through the online booking site – Mastercard, Visa, Direct transfer
  • Cash and Cheque at the studio will still be accepted.
  • Direct transfer to Pilates Pointe account will remain an option, if prefer not using the online system for payments.
  • BSB 302965 ACC 0139912 – add name.
  • All Ages Welcome

    Our classes cater for all ages. It doesn't matter what age you are, it is important to stay strong, mobile and active. Pilates is ideal for mature age adults as it is safe, gentle and non weight bearing. Exercises can be changed to accommodate the individual.